Board of Directors

Jane's children


Eli Booge   

The oldest, Eli graduated from Downingtown East High School (2010) and from Penn State (2014). 

He is currently working for Fulton Bank in West Chester, PA as a sales and service specialist.  

Maddie Winton 

Maddie is also a graduate of Downingtown East High School (2012) and Penn State (Class of 2016) Following in her mom's footsteps, she works as an autistic instructional aide at Collegium Charter School in Exton, Pennsylvania. 

Jake Booge  

Jake graduated from Ann Arbor's Pioneer High School (2016) and has graduated from Western Michigan University, ( With a degree in Exercise Science.(Class of 2020)

Founding Members

Row 1: Ryan Knox, John Kelly, Evan Christian, Connor Leahy;

Row 2: Sean Miller, Jack Magee, Justin Hanson, Dan Ruban

Row 3: Ben Mucha, Alex Rhoads, Jake Booge

Row 4: Matt Hansen, Ben Robertson, Buddy Alvaro, Bobby Keifer

Row 5: Joel Sheriko, Tav Macchia, Josh Rikess


2011-2012 Exton Kings Bantam Families

The remarkable families of this team created the Sweet Jane's Wish Foundation as a way to honor their coach Jeb Booge and his wife Jane's loving and optimistic spirit.

In February 2012, Jane was hospitalized with complications from her cancer treatments and the team made a simple gesture of attempting to send her flowers.  Jane's gracious response was to "use the money for the boys", thus the name Sweet Jane's Wish.   

Founding Board Members  &  Volunteers  

Jeb Booge                                                   Cherie Beard          

Gerry Christian                                          Fran Christian

Gerry Hanson                                            Barb Leahy

Tammy Hanson                                         Lea Perretta (Logo Design)

Diane Macchia                                           Nathalie Rosati                          

Joe Rhoads                                        

Rich Rikess

We are grateful for the work to establish Sweet Jane's Wish.

Elected Board Members

Jerry Gerlach

President of the Board of Directors

Cindy Lichok MacKay


Pat Gerlach

Board Member

Beth Harper Briglia

Advisor to the Board

Chester County Community Foundation

VP of Donor Services and Grantmaking

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Carolyn Rolen Gerlach

Vice President

2019 Golf Outing Co-Chair  

Andy Gerlach

 Board Member

Alex Grigson

 Board Member

Beth Krallis

Advisor to the Board

Chester County Community Foundation

Marketing and Communications Officer

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Eli Booge

Board Member


Jonathan Winton

Board Member

Maddie Winton_edited.png

Maddie Winton
Board Member