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Girls Tennis
Girls Tennis Scholarship

Each school year, two $5,000  scholarships are awarded to graduating Senior members of the Girls Tennis team at both DHS East and DHS West.

The tennis scholarship selection  committee consists of volunteer members of the board of directors of the Chester County Community Foundation.


Ice Hockey
Local Families
Ice Hockey Scholarship
Local Families Facing a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Seniors members of both DHS East and West Ice Hockey teams who attend DHS East, West or STEM are eligible for the two $5,000 Sweet Jane's Wish Ice Hockey Scholarships. Boys and girls are encouraged to apply.

The ice hockey selection committee consists of volunteer members of the board of directors of the Chester County Community Foundation.

During Jane's illness the ice hockey community surrounded the Booge family with meals, transportation and friendship.



Due to the overwhelming success of the Annual Golf Outing and the amazing generosity of supporters, over $25,000 in grants have been given to Living Beyond Breast Cancer's fund and the Chester County Hospital's SHiNE fund.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer, and the SHiNE funds offer grants to help with out of pocket expenses that are not covered by traditional insurance such as: 

         Rent, Mortgage,  Utilities

            Groceries, Child Care

            Physical Therapy, Fitness & 

             Nutrition Management


Thank you to the many families who helped Jane and her family when she was ill.  You are our inspiration in choosing this organization that helps to meet the needs of local families. 

If you or someone you know has been recently diagnosed and needs financial assistance, please click below for more info. 

DHS West Tennis Recipients

2015   Sindhu Parupalli

2016   Rachel Warner

2017   Hannah Claffey

2018   Victoria Christian

2019   Allie Campbell

2020   Emma Panetti

2021   Payton Beaver

2022   Kyra Staz

2023   Lauren Ayers

2024   Isabel Schreffler

DHS East Tennis Recipients

2015    Aine Droese

2016    Laura Ochsner  

2017    Maanasa Govindarajula

2018    Elyse Burch

2019    Grace Yatcilla

2020    Mia Thelander

2021    Kaitlyn Fisher

2022    Kathryn Dempsey

2023    Nicky Burke

2024    Libby Blok

DHS West Ice Hockey Recipients

2014   TJ Cliggett

2014   Christopher Smith

2015   Connor Leahy

2016   Drew Barron

2017   Joseph Leahy

2018   Alexa Nush

2019   Sean Barron 

2020   Charlie Cliggett

2021   Anthony Florkowski 

2022   Alie Bogusch

2023   Thomas Venzie

2024    Nick Geanopulos

DHS East Ice Hockey Recipients

2015   Katie Stueve

2016   Maddie Beauregard  

2017   Carly Kloss

2018   Jordan Guistwhite

2019   Michael Bolger 

2020   Ryan Prestayko

2021   Ryan Romano

2022   Sean Woods

2023   Abigail Carmain

2024   Joseph Butler 

Downingtown East Hockey Banquet
Joseph Butler. Tom Engle

Downingtown West Hockey Banquet
John Hyland. Nick Geanopolus. Brett Mackell

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